Gallery II  Membership group show

A recent image topic at VSONOMA FaceBook found us working and posting 'on the edge'. As you'll see below, members answered the challenge literally, figuratively and abstractly.

© Frank James
Frank James

© Steve Zimmermann
Steve Zimmermann
© Annukka Kosonen
Annukka Kosonen
© Mary Livingston
Mary Livingston
© Ricky Pan
Ricky Pan
© Viola Ursu
Viola Ursu
© Timothy Sens
Timothy Sens
© Andra Štāla
Andra Štāla
Pátkai Annamária
Pátkai Annamária
© Luca Pb
Luca Pb
© Ginger Oppenheimer
Ginger Oppenheimer
© Tom Dunne
Tom Dunne
© Greg Peterson
Greg Peterson
© Carl F Emerich
Carl F Emerich
© Lynn Cornberg
Lynn Cornberg
© Chuck Comstock
Chuck Comstock
© Scott Ludwig
Scott Ludwig
© Nic Salmon
Nic Salmon
© Terrance Hounsell
Terrance Hounsell
© Mark Wegner
Mark Wegner