© Ricky Pan, Photographer
Best of Show   Andrew Halpern - I know you're there someplace, I can smell you

"What attracts me to this image so much is I instinctively want to see the eyes but they're being blocked from my view. The blocking wooden slats form an "X" which suggests that I'm forbidden from seeing them. The inability to see things properly in life often constitutes a boundary."
— Terrance Hounsell (Juror)

© Ricky Pan, Photographer
Best of Show   Ricky Pan - US / Canada Border

© Annukka Kosonen, Photographer
Best of Show   Annukka Kosonen - Steel

© Urscia Mahring, Photographer
Urscia Mahring - Escape

© Steve Zimmermann, Photographer
Steve Zimmermann- Walk The Line

© Chuck Comstock, Photographer
Chuck Comstock- Fence - Red Lodge, Montana

© Ginger Oppenheimer, Photographer
Ginger Oppenheimer - Red Horizon

© Pia Kelley, Photographer
Pia Kelley - Silent Observer

© Timothy Sens, Photographer
Timothy Sens - Restrained

© Viola Ursu, Photographer
Viola Ursu - Vectors

© Richard L. Young, Photographer
Richard L. Young - You Can't